Solving complex problems

We solve complex process challenges through a combination of smart engineering, strong EPC, and differentiator technologies to meet water demand, process water quality requirements, recycling, stringent wastewater discharge quality regulations, and maximize circular economy.

Industry Applications

The water sector is entering a new era of resource recovery, the circular economy, and digital transformation, Water 4.0, which will have a dramatic impact on all industry that will face further stringent regulations that will require a new way of thinking to better manage water and wastewater lifecycles and resource management practice.

A further challenge for industries is the continual deterioration of sources of water which traditional treatment technologies are
becoming ineffective and costly to operate.

Aqualyng has the technology, solutions and experience to help industries tackle this new era and challenges and reduce the cost of water to their operation.

Industries served

As your communities and city grow, we offer complete sustainable desalination, wastewater treatment, reuse solutions. Solutions include high recovery & efficient desalination, high rate clarifiers, advanced wastewater treatment.
Food &
Aqualyng’s solutions help F&B producers treat their discharge to meet the most stringent solutions, provide reuse opportunities, and increase production uptime to reduce your water cost.
Semiconductor and Micro Electronics
Our ultrapure water and wastewater treatment solutions ensure that the most stringent water quality requirements are achieved for your semiconductor and microelectronic manufacturing needs, and wastewater streams are safely discharged to the environment.
Our solutions include ultrapure, wastewater treatment, and waste to liquid systems to meet the most critical requirements.
An efficient mine operation has strong water and wastewater management. Aqualyng help mining operators with a range of solutions that help achieve environmental regulations, increase water efficiency and reduce external water requirements.
Power Plants require advanced water and wastewater treatment for combined cycled, cooling towers. Aqualyng provides systems pre-treatment, demineralization, boiler and condensate polishing, cooling systems, blowdown, and wastewater treatment plan solutions.
Oil and Gas
Aqualyng help O&G operators maximize their water reuse with water extraction solutions from high oil waste streams and safe discharge to the environment.
Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals and Microplastics in wastewater discharges are increasing challenges for Brands and Textile Manufacturers globally. We have technology and process solutions to meet these challenges.


Pioneering and Emerging Technologies

With rapid technological development across all industries and increasing water pollution coupling with tighter regulatory requirements, water is continually to increase in complexity resulting in traditional technologies becoming ineffective and costly to treat.

Added to this complexity is the digital transformation occurring in everyday life and big data being generated with increasing smartness of IOT’s, instrumentation, and control system.

This is why at Aqualyng we are focused and committed on aligning ourselves with emerging and differentiator technologies, either through acquisition or partnerships, to answer these challenges.

With Aqualyng’s footprint and end to end services we incorporate these differentiator technologies into complete solutions

Our technology partnerships:

Intelliflux Controls is the most advanced proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) digitalization system for industrial process plants and utilities that provides next generation of automation software to manage and analyse big data intelligently that drives both existing and new process technologies to optimize full plant process operation to realize real savings in power, chemical, and labour cost while also increasing asset life.

Design and Build

At Aqualyng we recognize that no two waters are the same which means there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We provide fully tailored, intelligent, design and construct water treatment, desalination, wastewater treatment, recycling, demineralization treatment, and waste-to-liquid systems.

Our designs are developed to meet client’s specific requirements to ensure plant performance, capital cost and operation & maintenance are optimized.

Your system will be at the forefront of Water 4.0, with the full integration of IntelliFlux Control’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology empowering your plant operation and providing real savings in energy, resources, and operational expenses.

Further adding to our advantage is our own inhouse manufacturing and fabrication facility where we build, integrate, and test skid mounted, containerized and OEM integration systems.

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