The Recuperator


Undoubtedly the main point of difference between our competitors and us, The Recuperator is an energy recovery / work exchanger patented and owned entirely by Aqualyng… making us the only water supplier in the world with its own patented energy recovery device. The Recuperator fits into the classification of Isobaric Energy Recovery Devices, more specifically in the “piston-type” work exchangers.

A compact, tower-like structure, The Recuperator has had three versions in the past, each one building on the strengths of its predecessor. Aqualyng’s R&D labs are passionate about introducing newer features to The Recuperator, thus there is another, improved version of the product due to be introduced shortly. Currently servicing Aqualyng’s Turnkey and BOO offerings, the device is being prepared to also be available as a 3rd party product. By allowing waste energy recycling up to 98.5%, The Recuperator lowers industrial operating costs to a phenomenal extent.


From the very beginning, Reverse Osmosis Desalination has been focused on the improvement and development of the membrane elements, which are considered the heart of the process.

Aqualyng deals only with Membrane Desalination Plants. The ultimate objective in the process is to obtain membranes, in terms of material and configuration, that fulfill the expectations of the desalination market, i.e. high productivity; high salt rejection; and resistance to high operating pressures, chemical products and pollutants present in the feed water.

The development of Aqualyng’s system design technologies, together with many years of experience in the operation of RO systems, better pre-treatment solutions and the use of more efficient equipments and better materials, have resulted in a reduction of operating costs as well as an incremental decrease in the system life-cycle costs.


The Recuperator uses the saline-reject (brine) from the membranes to pressurize pre-treated seawater in a sequential process regulated by the brine flow from the RO membranes.

The device consists of vertically standing pairs of duplex stainless steel chambers that work alternatively in a compression-transfer and decompression-discharge sequence. Pre-treated seawater comes from a pressurized feeding tank that keeps a constant flow and pressure into the system.

The Recuperator allows the pressurized brine to “recycle” its energy back to the membranes in conjunction with a booster pump – only that the brine is replaced with pre-treated seawater at an identical flow.

Remarkable Efficiencies

The device has played a large part in revolutionizing the industry by dropping energy consumption as low as 2 - 2.5 kWh/m3. With The Recuperator, Aqualyng has brought high-efficiency energy recovery to markets as diverse as Taiwan, Oman, Egypt and the Canary Islands.


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