• Technological Advantages:

    Our advanced, patented technologies allow us to achieve competitive advantages in overall facility life cycle costs. The longer the period of off-take, the more financial benefits.

  • Increased Efficiency, Reduced Operating Costs:

    Long term off-take contractual structures allow Aqualyng to highlight and leverage the operating efficiencies achievable with the company’s proprietary energy-saving device, The Recuperator. With the lowest energy consumption recorded on the market, the Aqualyng technology brings benefit to the environment.

  • Quick Deployment:

    Aqualyng’s equipment supply business, streamlined processes, and in-house technical capacities allow the company to gain first mover advantage and to capture foothold in regions and opportunities which larger players may not have the necessary swiftness to capture.

  • Strong Partnerships:

    Aqualyng focuses on building partnerships and consortia ideally suited for a given prospect. We are not limited by our capacities, rather leverage our strengths and complement our capabilities with best in class partners to satisfy client requirements.

  • Global Experience:

    With facilities in operation for over a decade and with projects across many parts of the world, Aqualyng has grown from a Norwegian desalination equipment supply company to a global water company.

Socially Responsible Investing:

A key aspect of our BOO strategy is the prevalence of socially responsible investing. Aqualyng engages Bilateral and Multilateral lending agencies and government funding sources to identify and pursue water investments where the needs are most dire.

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About Us

Aqualyng is a global leader in the supply and operation of specialized Desalination Plants. Our spectrum of successful, state-of-the-art products & services deliver fresh water – whenever and wherever it is needed.

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