Fast Water



Fast Water

Fast Water is a series of modular water treatment plants based on Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. The units are designed to produce potable water at flow rates of 240m3/day to 1000m3/day depending on the model. Catering directly to the vital needs of the Power, Construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Agriculture, Chemicals, Mining & Minerals, Metal Processing, Food & Beverage and Water Bottling Industries, the product delivers an energy-efficient, cost-effective solution to urgent water supply needs, quenching the needs of big business everywhere.

Easy to transport, install and operate, Fast Water is an equally adept solution to temporary water supply needs and water supply droughts in arid, desert climates - giving harsh climates a vital, refreshing boost. Compact and mobile, Fast Water can be quickly transported to various environments to service different water needs. Aqualyng looks after the commissioning, installation, technical assistance, regular servicing and remote monitoring of Fast Water, ensuring fresh water – whenever, wherever.




Optimally Sized

Fast Water’s compact dimensions allow it to be delivered quickly at short notice via routine shipping methods.


The product’s flexible configuration facilitates a large range of capacities, fulfilling different client requirements.

Easily Operable

Easy to install, easy to operate – Fast Water is a no-fuss solution to several industry requirements.

High Purity Water

Fast Water systems remove not only dissolved ions, but also bacteria, pyrogens, organics, particles, colloids, color & oxidizing agents up to 99.9%.

Operationally Efficient

Fast Water is energy-efficient, low-maintenance and cost-effective, making it the ideal purchase for large industries and mid-sized factories alike.

Various Options

Units can be purchased or leased, and the entire system can also be monitored remotely. Further, clients can choose between customized and off-the-shelf units.


With a long history of successful project involvement in the Canary Islands and other developments based around the world, Fast Water has the credibility to deliver on its promises.

Ready Availability

Through a well-coordinated network of Sub-suppliers and a large number of units ready for transportation at any given moment, Fast Water can be delivered as and when a client requirement comes through.

Key Components

Fast Water has several unique features that give it a distinct edge in the industrial water desalination scenario

Feed Water Pressure Pumps

Energy Recovery Device

Chlorination / Dechlorination, Antiscalant Dosing and Flocculant Dosing

ORP / Conductivity / Flow / Pressure Instrumentation

Cleaning & Flushing System