The Advantage

Aqualyng sets itself apart in the desalination industry by offering our clientele a wealth of business advantages.

Proven, Patented Technologies

We have been installing desalination plants with our own technology since 1998. Our technological innovations and system design are carefully tested through multiple installations, backed up by test results that are unmatched in the industry.

Proprietary Energy-saving Device

Aqualyng is the only desalination supplier with its own patented energy recovery system, The Recuperator. Unlike other suppliers who depend on 3rd party energy recovery devices, we have complete control over the process and guarantee record low-energy consumption with drastically reduced costs. For more in-depth information on The Recuperator, please click here.

A Team Brimming with Experience and Expertise

Aqualyng prides itself on attracting global talent in the field, helping us create the in-house capabilities expected from an international RO supplier. Our team’s extensive international experience in RO project engineering and project development allows us to design, build, procure, install, commission and finance – entirely in-house.

Impeccable Project Development Credentials

Befitting Aqualyng's status as a large global water contract operator, the company has secured large-capacity projects in Ghana and China.

Strength & Flexibility

The Aqualyng family comprises top desalination experts from all over the world. This perfectly-sized team strength ensures two aspects for our clients: One, the flexibility and inventiveness to tackle minute demands and enter regions sometimes eschewed by mega corporations, and two; the strength, structural capabilities and logistical resources to satisfy the most exhaustive client requirements.


Aqualyng is seeking qualified, passionate people who have the requisite desalination industry experience. As we take giant strides into new markets, we seek people with equal amounts of humility and ambition.

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Aqualyng’s strong lineage comes from being part of the Lyng-Group, a renowned Norway-based industrial conglomerate. The group is heavily invested in industries such as electronics, energy and drilling for offshore facilities.

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