New Horizons

The Aqualyng Business Vision is to bring water desalination solutions to countries far and wide, thus strengthening our position of being a market leader in high efficiency, low life-cycle cost systems. By maintaining our competitive edge and taking giant strides in our innovation capabilities, we are committed to delivering value to our Shareholders & Customers.

Aqualyng aims to bring our vision to life through strategic long-term planning. Aside from consolidating our existing turnkey and Fast Water product strengths, we are intent on making long-term bulk water sales contracts in BOO our main focus going forward.

The Advantage

Aqualyng sets itself apart in the desalination industry by offering our clientele a wealth of business advantages.

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Aqualyng is seeking qualified, passionate people who have the requisite desalination industry experience. As we take giant strides into new markets, we seek people with equal amounts of humility and ambition.

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