Water Sales


Aqualyng actively seeks to identify and pursue opportunities to invest shareholder capital in the company’s own equipment and proprietary technologies. To this end, the company’s Project Development team targets sales of product water produced utilizing the company’s patented technologies, via BOO (Build, Own, and Operate) contractual structures, under long term water purchase agreements with creditworthy off-takers. The team’s geographical focus spans all five continents, targeting opportunities to form consortia with equity partners and contractors best suited for a given prospect.


Whereas the company had traditionally been regarded as a provider of high quality desalination equipment employing seawater reverse osmosis technology, the company’s renewed focus is to sell not just the equipment, but also the product water. Having assembled a committed in-house technical team of seasoned veterans, with focus on technological advancement and R&D as well as plant design and operations, Aqualyng is able to leverage its superior understanding of the core technology to devise customized solutions around each project’s unique set of requirements.

Aqualyng is today able to provide equity, bring in partner equity on a project by project basis, and to arrange third-party financing for projects in the $45MM to $150MM range. Whereas on smaller projects Aqualyng can take the role of the EPC contractor, on medium to larger size projects, Aqualyng employs turnkey EPC contractors on a case by case basis to manage construction period risks.

Following construction, during the commercial operations period, Aqualyng’s operations and maintenance group, provides technical services including inventory management, maintenance planning, and long term parts & services supply to the company’s operating fleet. Centralizing the operations management function across the fleet allows for better efficiency achieved from parts pooling and improved inventory management.


Technological Advantages:

Our advanced, patented technologies allow us to achieve competitive advantages in overall facility life cycle costs. The longer the period of off-take, the more advantage to be had with Aqualyng technology.

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Socially Responsible Investing:

A key aspect of our BOO strategy is the prevalence of socially responsible investing. Aqualyng engages Bilateral and Multilateral lending agencies and government funding sources to identify and pursue water investments where the needs are most dire.

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