About Us

Aqualyng is a leading provider of Project, Products and Services for the Water Industry. With a wide offering for Desalination, Wastewater , ZLD and STP as well as components for a wide spectrum of water applications, Aqualyng is a one stop solution for your water needs.

Specializing in treatment of difficult water, Aqualyng and its subsidiaries have delivered water solutions for sectors like oil/gas, power, mining and other industrial applications since 1996, and has setup in Singapore, India, China, Australia, Spain and the UAE. The company has installations in markets as diversified as Australia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman as well as key markets in Africa and Europe.

For desalination, Aqualyng has its own proprietary energy recovery device, the Recuperator, which ensures lowest life cycle cost for SWRO plants.  The company also holds technologies and patents for a range of other water treatment areas. 

New Horizons

The Aqualyng Business Vision is to bring water desalination solutions to countries far and wide, thus strengthening our position of being a market leader in high efficiency, low life-cycle cost systems.

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Aqualyng’s strong lineage comes from being part of the Lyng-Group, a renowned Norway-based industrial conglomerate. The group is heavily invested in industries such as electronics, energy and drilling for offshore facilities.

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